Live Furnish

Digital Bulletin: Is it Real? Or is it Live Furnish?

I may be dating myself with this headline — “Is it real or is it Memorex?” — but Live Furnish is bringing a realism to photo rendering that Memorex claimed to impart to sound back in the 1980s. As…
Live Furnish V2
This second, web-based version of Live Furnish allows for collaboration among teams.

Live Furnish Goes Cloud Based with Version 2

Live Furnish has launched V2, the newest version of its 3D content creation technology platform. Cloud-based technology moves Live Furnish from a standalone desktop application to a web-based…

Live Furnish Helps Retailer Boost Online Product Views, In-Store Sales

Working with Live Furnish to improve product imagery has helped retailer Great American Home Store increase product views and click-throughs on its website by 62 percent and boost its in-store and…
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