Kari Whitman

sustainable interior design
Designer Sheree Vincent wove her client’s love of nature into this home in Avon, MN, making sure to consider indoor air quality, energy efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance while making selections. The project won her an Interior Design Society Designer of the Year award for Sustainable Design last year. (Photo: Ben Clasen)

A Focus on Sustainable Interior Design

When Sheree Vincent began her interior design career in the early ‘90s, sustainability wasn’t much of a hot topic. Growing up in Minnesota surrounded by nature, she had always had a personal…
Phillips Collection's Geometry tables are handcrafted from natural Chamcha wood.

Why Do I Care What It’s Made Of?

When designers look at a sofa, they notice the color of the fabric, the shape of the arms and the materials used to hold it all together. When clients look at a couch, they might consider the color…
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