Last Look: Glenda Evers - Den Transformation from Dark to Light, Airy and Inviting

Glenda Evers transformed a dark and dated room into a light, airy and still rustic living space that invites the outdoors in. 

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Glenda Evers, Last Look
Glenda Evers takes this rustic den from dark to light, airy and focused on the outdoors.

Glenda Evers of Glenda Evers Design in Scottsdale, AZ, practices the art of creating luxurious yet functional spaces for her clients. She’s known for having a “casually elegant” design aesthetic. She’s traveled extensively around the world and loves incorporating elements of her clients’ travels into their homes. Evers has worked on projects in Arizona, Atlanta, Nashville and Los Angeles.

Glenda Evers


1. This home was beautiful but it was very dark and had dated Tuscan-style interiors. I loved the beauty of this room and its connection to the gorgeous desert landscape outside. I updated the lighting to work with the beautiful rustic wood and iron beams in the space. This was a second home for this family. The husband was a high-profile tech executive, and he and his wife gave me free rein to update the home after they purchased it.

2. I knew that I wanted to keep the interior spaces neutral so that your eye would be drawn to the beautiful desert plant material just outside the many windows.
We painted all the walls a creamy white and kept the furnishings in tones of cream,
white and beige with dark accents and greenery to achieve this.

3. This is a home for a young and active family who are very fun and casual so I made sure that all the furnishings were family friendly. I included many layers and different textures including leather and metal chairs, velvet pillows, rope ottomans and soft, textural rugs. The final touch was to add the gorgeous, highly textured motorized draperies that open and close with a touch of a button. The result is a room that is bright and cheerful with a casual vibe and an indoor/outdoor feel.

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