3 Printable Coloring Books to Soothe and Inspire You While Social Distancing

Some designers and manufacturers have released free coloring pages to help you pass the time. 

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colored pencils

After more than a month working, living and playing from home, everyone — children and adults alike — is looking for something to do. Some designers and manufacturers have broadened their creative horizons and released coloring pages to help you relax, pass the time and express your own creativity. Here are three we can’t wait to download.


1. Progress Lighting

Progress Lighting coloring book

To further celebrate Jeffrey Alan Marks’ Point Dume collection with Progress Lighting, the brand launched a media campaign highlighting the ways in which designers have used the line over the past year. As part of the celebration, the campaign includes a new downloadable coloring book featuring images of Point Dume in place in design projects. The Point Dume collection is actually the second coloring book from Progress. Check out their first coloring collection from 2017.


2. Stacy Garcia

Stacy Garcia coloring

Textile designer and trend guru Stacy Garcia’s blog, Life-Styled.net, is always full of inspirational and informative content. In keeping with this theme, Garcia has provided two sets of printable coloring pages. Share them on Instagram with #StayColorfulWithSG and be sure to tag @stacygarciainc in your creations.


3. Nemo Tile + Stone

Nemo coloring book

For those who find comfort in repetition, tile, stone and porcelain slab manufacturer Nemo Tile + Stone released a 20-page coloring book full of designs inspired by their tile patterns. Sharpen your colored pencils and download and print the free PDF.

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